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      Who are we?

      Creative Egypt, the first registered trademark for Egyptian handicrafts, is a national initiative established by the Industrial Modernization Centre (IMC) under the sovereignty of Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) in 2015. It has been established to promote Egypt’s heritage to achieve sustainable development for the Egyptian artisans.

      . Today, “Creative Egypt” has a unique permanent showroom that displays under one roof and one name the largest collection of creative handmade products with more than 17 product lines between pottery, leather, kilim, carpets, wooden products, accessories, textiles, palm fronds, mother of pearls, and Khayamia, among others. These products are sourced from 140 suppliers all over Egypt. Our suppliers are diversified between designers, creative clusters, and artisans.

      Why Creative Egypt?

      - Because it is a forum specially designed for Egyptians and foreigners who want to get acquainted with the Egyptian heritage products and crafts and acquire them.

      - Because it collects creative and handcrafted products produced from a group of the most prominent Egyptian business leaders, designers and craftsmen from 140 suppliers, among which 40 are creative craftsmanship groups in 17 governorates.

      - Because of a unique marketing vision and outstanding customer service to bring Egyptian creative and heritage products to various local and international markets.

      To shop and contribute to the sustainable development of more than 10,000 Egyptian craftsmen.

      - To keep pace with modern fashion lines and create new Egyptian designs.


      “To be recognized by local and international customers as the first choice and the most trusted store for all Egyptian handmade products”


      “Support artisans and designers to produce premium creative products and promote it in local and international markets to fulfil our customers’ needs, preserve Egypt’s heritage and to achieve sustainable development for the Egyptian artisans and designers”

      Our Values:

      • Sustainable Development.

      • Continuous Improvement.

      • Transparency.

      • Customers Delight.

      • Fair Trade.

      • Quality

      • Authenticity